The Importance of Meat Mincer

A meat grinder (also called a "meat mincer" in the UK) makes it easy and quick to ground meat for your home kitchen, butchery or hotel business. They are available as manual and electric. The electric mean mincers are more popular and highly preferred for obvious reasons. They make the work of mincing meat easy and fast.

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The electric models on the other hand, have a more complex design than manual mincers. They are usually equipped with different sizes of cutting plates to produce different sizes of cut meat depending on the needs. To enhance functionality, electric meat mincers come with an array of different assortments and accessories. Most of these accessories are common in almost all models to enhance productivity and keep you safe and therefore they do not affect the meat mincer .

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However, some factors that you need to be on the lookout for that will determine how much you will pay for the machine include the following;

Power – the best guideline on the amount of power you need, is the amount of meat you will be grinding with the meat mincer. If you have to work on a lot of meat, then you need a powerful machine that will make that work for you easier. There are grinders that offer even up to 3000 Watts of power so you get ample power to grind any type of meat and other foods with ease. Calculate the power needs based on the amount of meat you need to grind on a regular basis. A low power grinder with about 800 to 1200 watts can grind one kilogram of meat per minute but without cartilage and tendons.

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Reverse function – the reverse function is a feature that helps to unclog the meat mincer. The reverse function reverses the motor allowing it to rotate in the other direction to clear up any jam that can happen.
Material – the material the grinder is made of is important, considering that the grinder will be coming into contact with your food. Most grinders are a combination of plastic and metal. Please check to see that the materials cannot cause any poisoning to your food. The cutting plates however should be made of stainless steel so they do not require regular sharpening.
Overload protection – this feature protects the meat mincer from overload by automatically turning off the motor to prevent overheating when it has been overloaded.
All of these features will directly affect the meat mincer price,However, with the right supplier, you can invest in a quality meat mincer without having to worry so much about the price. We are renowned suppliers of quality mean mincing machines . We have a wide variety of machines in stock to suit your needs and budget. Contact us today for more details.

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Our factory produces meat grinders of different sizes, Always have one suitable for you, please feel free to consult anytime.

Post time: Jan-08-2022