Advantage for our stainless steel commercial meat saws

We are an industry leader in high speed, precision bandsaw machines for the meat industry. Our bandsaws are ideal in quality food processing equipment worldwide. Are you looking for fast, high output primal cutting machine of pork/beef/fish? Our precision bandsaw machines can deliver improved cutting yields and accuracy, whilst minimizing operator fatigue.


Small household butchery equipment.

Meat saws are an essential piece of meat processing equipment for any food business that is serious about the quality of their product and effectiveness of their operation. Whether you’re running a local butcher shop, restaurant or larger industrial operation, the shift from frozen to fresh, budget to gourmet, is the new expectation within the industry.

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Commercial & Household Meat Processing Machinery

We offer tape saws blades from carbonaceous knee steel and bimetallic for cutting of meat and bones including frozen. Production of any sizes, on any models of machines. QH machines for cutting of meat and bones. Desktop and floor models.
On the professional equipment. Accuracy of processing is 0.01 mm. Sharpening is made with use of cooling liquid that protects metal from an overheat, steel training remains. Only correctly ground lattices and knives provide a smooth section of forcemeat, give a trade dress.

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High quality meat bone saw blades

Post time: Mar-01-2022