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Model No.: QH-E26L+ Sausage Filling Machine
Affordable, dependable, powerful hydraulic sausage stuffer for gentle production and smear-free products. Whatever your commercial sausage stuffing needs, we have the hydraulic sausage stuffer to get the job done for you.They capacity range from 15L,25L to 35L.

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Sausage Filling Machine

You can choose from either 15kg/25kg and 35kg varieties, depending on your sausage making requirements.
There are three different-sized stuffing tubes included, for making a variety of different types of sausage.
All the removable parts are made of stainless steel and felt high quality. Assembly and cleaning was a breeze.

How to Use Sausage Stuffer

1.Wipe down your sausage stuffer tube with a paper towel, preferably soaked with vegetable oil. This will lubricate the interior of the tube and make maneuvering the sausage casing easier.
2.Place your casing into the stuffer tube. Leave enough room on both ends so you can grab it. Tie off the end of your casing so your ground meat doesn’t spill out of the end as it’s filled. Use butcher twine or a hog ring.
3.Poke some air holes at the end of the casing so that air trapped inside the casing can escape without creating bubbles.
4.You will need either a partner or a foot switch for the next step. After ensuring that your casing is secure inside the stuffer tube, start putting ground meat inside. Use either the hand crank or the on and off switch to manipulate the speed of the stuffing. The other person, or your own hands, need to manipulate the sausage casing and keep it even as it fills with ground meat.
5.When your casing is filled to the length that you desire, turn the stuffer off and pinch the casing at the endpoint near the beginning of the link. You can twist the casing a few times to link it properly.
6.Continue adding more sausage links by filling the casing and twisting as you go to segment the entire chain. With each added link, be sure to twist the casing in the opposite direction as the link proceeding it. This stops all of the links in the chain from unraveling.
7.Don’t forget to clean your sausage stuffer thoroughly and store your meat safely.

Tech Specs

Industrial sausage filling machine 26L Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer
Processing capacity: 400KG/H
Product size 640*485*1240mm;
Voltage  110/220/240/380V, 50/60HZ;
Power  750W/1HP
Material  Stainless steel
package size  650*500*1300mm;
N.W.  135Kg
G.W.  150KG

Material & Application

Full stainless steel , serving customers around the world.
Apply for Home/Restaurants, Meat processing shops, Sausage processing lines, etc.


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